Get Assurance on Your Financial Statements

Call a trusted CPA in Wadsworth, OH for an audit, review or compilation

If your business becomes the subject of an audit from the IRS, are you prepared? Varney, Fink & Associates, Inc. can give you peace of mind about your business’s financial records. We perform audits, reviews and compilations for businesses and governmental agencies in the Wadsworth, Ohio area.

How can you prepare and examine your financial statements?

There are three levels of financial statement services offered at Varney, Fink & Associates: audits, reviews and compilations. Here are the main differences of each CPA report:

1. Audit:

provides the highest level of confidence for a business owner. You will know confidently whether your financial statements are free from error and fraud. We will dive deep to evaluate transactions, inventory counts, accounts and other financial reports.

2. Review:

provides a mid-level evaluation of financial records. Reviews offer less assurance, but do provide business owners with a base level of understanding of their financial records.

3. Compilation:

offers no level of assurance that there are mistakes within financial statements. You will get a general understanding of your business and its financial reporting system, but there is no guarantee of its accuracy.